Monday, September 20, 2010

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

I read this one on Playaway - borrowed from another library because we only had it in print. And since I commute in a car with only a radio, I needed something I could plug into the radio transmitter. But I digress...

The book takes the premise that Abraham Lincoln was one of the world's leading vampire hunters and that vampires were intricately involved in the war between the States. It's a fascinating alternate view of history - even if you don't believe in vampires. The author, Seth Grahame-Smith, did a lot of research to get the details right. Places Lincoln lived, real people and actual events are woven into the imaginary world to lend an air of authenticity. He starts with Lincoln's childhood and takes you through his early years as a shopkeeper, lawyer and politician- all the way through his time in the White House. The assassination theory put forth here is really well done too.

I'd give it an A. Maybe an A+, for holding my attention through the drive to and from and making me want to listen at home too!



  1. I've thought about checking out the book, now that I've started using play aways I will have to request this one.

  2. Highly recommend it. And maybe we'll just have to order a copy for us in the new year!

    I might even go back and read it in paper because I think there are some illustrations that would make it worthwhile...