Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mad, Bad, and Blonde ~ Cathie Linz

I discovered Cathie Linz after I'd run out of reading material from one of my favorite authors, Debbie Macomber. The library has a great resource available called Novelist and through that program, we can search for what are called "read-a-likes." I searched some Macomber titles and discovered Linz as a suggestion. I read a couple of her previous books, then moved on to her newest release, Mad, Bad, and Blonde. It was an easy read and I enjoyed the main characters and their roles in the story and the secondary characters have enough personality to further develop in future stories as well. I read that the series will continue with Luck Be A Lady in October, 2010, and I'm looking forward to reading that one as well.

About Mad, Bad, and Blonde...
After being jilted on her wedding day, via text message no less, Faith West decides she is not going to go into seclusion to lick her wounds. Instead, she takes what was supposed to be her dream vacation/honeymoon trip to Italy alone. While there, she meets Caine Hunter, hunky ex-Marine and unbeknownst to Faith, a private investigator working for her father's biggest rival and sent to watch her. He becomes Faith's rebound relationship at first, but they soon fall into bed and into love. To complicate things, Caine has his own private agenda where the West family is concerned which is laid out during the course of the book. Faith and Caine become unlikely partners to investigate a case and work through all the obstacles they face as they discover more about themselves and each other.

I think Novelist did a good job of matching these two authors as read-a-likes.

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