Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy, bk 3)

Oh my goodness. If you have not read Hunger Games, Catching Fire or Mockingjay... then you have not read one of the best series out there. I finished Mockingjay this past weekend and it had me absolutely on the edge of my seat! I even got Dale to read the first few pages, and he's going to dig into the series as well.

What do I like about it? Well, the characters are real, they're not perfect and they're prone to stupid decisions. They are flawed but not so flawed that we can't identify with them. There's sweeping bravery, dramatic tension (although **semi-spolier** I have to admit I suspected that Katniss would still be around at the start of book 3, otherwise how would you HAVE a book three?) and really good action. There are characters who we want to hate but can't. There are characters we hate but turns out we probably shouldn't have. And we don't feel bad about hating them because they hate themselves sometimes too. When they redeem themselves, it's cathartic for everyone.

There's sentiment and cold pragmatism. There's love. There's adventure. There's a bit of the sci-fi/fantasy feel to portions of the Capitol, but mostly these are humans with no special or extra-ordinary abilities. It's close enough to possible to be disconcerting but far enough from reality to be looming in our future.

Go. Read it. Pass it on. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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