Friday, September 3, 2010

Shift by Tim Kring and Dale Peck

I just finished Shift, by Tim Kring and Dale Peck. This was a new book that was recommended in July's Bookpage, that we have here in the library. Tim Kring is the creator of Heroes, the television show, and I thought I would give it a try.
The idea is that through CIA experiments with LSD, a sort of super-human is created that, after being injected with large doses of LSD, has the ability to read minds, project thoughts and images, and all sorts of ESP. Not only has he gained mental abilities, but he is changed physically also, with the ability to react quicker, and therefore is super soldier.
That's the premise, but then you set it in the 60's, added JFK and Cuba, a nuclear bomb, a rogue CIA operative, KGB, FBI, Timothy Leary, the mob, and every cliche associated with each of those, and it becomes complicated. There is also the love story, where the reluctant super soldier is only trying to reunite with his true love, the backstory of characters, and the assassination of JFK.

Given all that is going on, the authors do a fairly good job of weaving this story, but some things didn't work. The attempt to throw facts in seemed out of place. They are shown as to come from a case file from the FBI, make them seem like they were attempting to wrap up loose ends without putting any effort into it. The pacing does lack in spots and found it hard to muddle through. But I would give it a B-.

The main problem I did have with it being that this is the first of a series, and I wasn't expecting that. So the ending is very open and unresolved. I can definitely see this continuing through out the major points in history and recreating them as this character tries to find his true love, and how he is manipulated into causing some of the major events that have happened in the past fifty years with his powers.

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