Monday, December 6, 2010

Society of S

Speaking of vampire books/series. I just finished reading the 1st three in a newer series by Susan Hubbard. #1 is The Society of S, #2 is The Year of Disappearances, #3 is The Season of Risks. The name of the series is The Ethical Vampire Series. Its unique in that the majority of the vampires do not need or even want to live on blood. There are 3 different sects of vampires who have some very different ideas about how humans fit into the world but almost all of them are environmentalists of some sort. The stories send a good "save the world" message without being preachy. The main character is not aware she is a half-breed with a vampire father and human mother at the start of the 1st book. The books take you back and forth as she lives with her Father and then with her Mother. She has some misadventures, difficulty dealing with who she is and when she changes over to her vampire nature at 13 of course as she lives longer she is not aging and this becomes an issue for some vampire doctors to experiment with.
I finished each book in about a 3-4 reading and have actually come to care about the characters. I would recomend to anyone who likes a good coming of age story with a quick read that has a bit a unique twist to the current vampire series.


  1. I meant to say in about a 3-4 hour reading.:)

  2. Hmmm. YET another Nancy-recommended title for me to add to my list. Rock on, njc :)