Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you like King Arthur stories?...then read this!

I have always enjoyed a good movie or book about King Arthur. This trilogy is definately that! In the words of the author Helen Hollick; "Who was the man who became the legend we know as King Arthur?"
Let me tell you right now this is no fairy tale with knights and beautiful castles, this story tries to bring reality to the story. Author has many children with several women, in fact one of them lives to rule after him. His nobel knights are a calvery force to be reckoned with in the dark ages of English/Saxon history.
The 1st and 2nd books caught me from early on and I couldn't put them down. By the 3rd and final book there are a lot more characters and the reading was slower but not a chore by any means.
Ms Hollick brings as much historical fact to her writing as is possible for this period in history and its interesting to read about where she found her information and how she put it into the story she weaves of historical Britian following Roman rule.


  1. Are you talking about the Pendragon's Banner series? Just checking...

  2. Yes this is the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy by Helen Hollick.
    #1. The Kingmaking
    #2. Pendragon's Banner
    #3. Shadow of the King