Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OK.  I'm scaling back on the weekly post prediction and saying once every two weeks. Sigh.

So what am I reading?

Heat Wave by Richard Castle on my Kindle.  It's funny, like the show, and has some over-the-top characters like you would imagine.  I love picturing Nathan Fillion as Rook and Stana Katic as Nikki Heat.  I don't quite get the correct vibe off "Roach" (Raley and Ochoa, the fictional characters drawn from.. fictional characters Ryan and Esposito) but I'm getting into it a little more.  I also miss "Captain Montgomery" (Montrose) even more after reading his first contribution to the plot...  Sorry. Should I have said SPOILER ALERT for those of you who don't know what happens in season three yet??  (I'm watching it on DVD so don't tell me what happens on Season 4!)

"Richard Castle" has captured the sense of duty and sense of humor that "Kate Beckett" has on the show.  Ghost writer or not, this is a well done piece of fiction and quite enjoyable.

The library has this title in three formats:  OverDrive ebook and audiobook and Print. Enjoy!

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