Thursday, August 18, 2016


With many changes happening at Keene Memorial Library over the past few years, the blog has sort of fallen to the wayside.  Since I started as the new Director in July of this year, we are going to be analyzing and reactivating our social media connections so we can get more information out to the community in a timely manner.  So this is our first attempt at content for this blog since 2012.

We have a Facebook page setup, this blog, and we are implementing an online chat feature that will be up and running in the next 90 days.  This will allow patrons to ask questions and get information online through a chat window, rather than having the call or drive in to the library.   We also have a "suggest-a-title" form available on our website so patrons can request materials to be purchased.  

All of these avenues of communication will hopefully allow patrons more input and feedback on the services our library offers to the community.  We want to work with the community and make sure we are providing the services people want to need.  Our library is here to serve everyone and provide resources that people cannot find anywhere else for free.

To help better serve Fremont and the surrounding areas, we will be implementing a community feedback survey in early 2017 that we hope many people will take the time to complete so we can make the best use of resources possible.  So watch the mail or follow us on Facebook to stay updated on current happenings at KML.

Tina Walker
Library Director
Keene Memorial Library

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