Friday, October 28, 2016

New at Keene Memorial Library

            As the new Director here at Keene Memorial Library, one of my main focuses is to make sure we are providing services and programs that meet the needs of our patrons and community members.  The staff members have come up with some wonderful ideas for expanding programming and services.  Some of these we have implemented and I wanted to share those with you.
            Kelly Olson had started a chess club for all ages.  There are times for kids to meet after school, and an all-ages time as well.  Anyone wanting to play for fun or to sharpen their chess skills can attend and find a challenger.  Kelly also is expanding programming to The Hope Center here in Fremont.  He will be teaching a class for them on art-related concepts.
            Elisa Cruz, our new bilingual Librarian, has started an English conversation program to help our Spanish speaking community improve their English skills.  Anyone, either those with English primary language skills or those with Spanish primary language skills can attend, as the sessions are intended to help have conversations in English.
            Dorlissa Beyer has expanded her board games nights and revamped the games that are played during this time.  We are also providing snacks for those that attend.  If you have any suggestions for games that you might like to play, please feel free to contact Dorlissa at the library!
            Jess Hill is again hosting a Prime Time Reading program from October 6th to November 10th, 2016.  This program is geared toward families and encourages family collaboration and learning.  The programs are held in both English and Spanish.  If you missed this year’s program, remember to sign-up for next year!
            I am also providing additional programming by having STEM training sessions scheduled with the Jefferson House students Tue-Wed-Thu each week.  We are exposing the youth to Little Bits, Ozobots, and Lego building.  This will hopefully encourage them to seek careers in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).
             And in the future, we will be expanding our STEM programming as well as our “Makerspace”.  We will be incorporating a non-technology space available in the library all the time, for anyone wanting to color, work with Legos, or do puzzles.
            We are growing and hope you will grow with us!  Keep an eye on the blog and our calendars to see what is happening at Keene Memorial Library!

Tina Walker, Library Director
Keene Memorial Library

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