Friday, December 30, 2016

Adult Fiction Remodel

As we strive to meet patron needs, and continue to order new and current materials, we also are forced to accept the fact that the library does not have unlimited shelf space.  And due to the shelf space limitations, we also must continue our ongoing weeding process to keep an even balance, and allow for new materials. 

If you have been in the library in the recent days, you will notice many carts full of books, empty shelves, and a quite a bit of a mess in the Adult Fiction area.  Staff is working nonstop to get the shelves shifted, reordered, and easier to use.  This also allows for shelf reading to verify materials are in order and in good condition. 

This does cause some issues with patrons trying to locate items, so please ask staff for help in finding Adult Fiction materials until we complete the shifting project.  We are working as fast as we can but it may take a week or two to finish the project.  When all is done, books may be located in a different area than you are used to, so please check the signage and find the new locations for authors ending in A, or authors ending in Z.  We will try to keep current, accurate signage up so you can locate materials. 

Thank you for your patience as make our way to a better Adult Fiction area!


Tina Walker,
Library Director
Keene Memorial Library

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