Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Facelift for Adult Fiction Collection

As some of you may have noticed, the library staff endured many hours of hard labor and sweat to rearrange the Adult Fiction collection.  Many may ask why.  This particular collection had several issues that needed to be addressed:

  1. The shelves were so full we couldn't put books away
  2. Staff was misshelving materials due to the illogical order of the collection 
  3. The books were not in a logical order - you had to stop in the middle of the alphabet and go clear to the front and start there
  4. We needed to weed some books to make room for the new materials coming in so now was the time to shift the books
For these reasons, we weeded a portion of the collection using standards such as long history of no checkouts, quality of the material, content of the material, duplicates, and more.  We spent a long time reviewing the collection before we began, and then once we weeded the materials, we started shifting the books into a more logical order.  And we added space to each shelf to allow for incoming new material.

So if things look different now, the collection is in a better order and staff is more apt to put things back where they belong so patrons can find what they are looking for.  We simply started with the A's along the east wall, and this flows to the south wall, and then the collection moves forward through the stacks.  This way there is no break in the collection and patrons don't have to stop halfway through to go back to the front.

Also, the Westerns, Science Fiction, and Mysteries were not in order.  So now M comes before S that comes before W. Mystery - Science Fiction - Westerns.

And finally Large Tye is in the same exact location, just spread out and the books follow the rest of the collection so Z's are closest to the door.

We have put up many signs to indicate to patrons what sections they are looking in and where the alphabet flows in the collection.  We tried to make sure we were indicating to everyone where the materials are located.  If you still have questions, please ask staff. It only take a minute to explain the layout and we want to help anyway we can.  See below for a map of the layout.  Note it now flows in a 'C' shape from left to right. It shouldn't take long before everyone is as familiar with the new layout as they were with the old!

Tina Walker, Library Director

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